Historic House in San Francisco honors Half Dome

For Half Dome die–hards, I found another place to Ooooo and Ahhhh.  If you are near San Francisco, you may want to take a hour and tour the Haas-Lilienthal House It contains a lot of the history of the Jewish Community in San Francisco.

Of note to us are stained-glass windows depicting Moses carrying the Ten Commandments down from Yosemite’s Half Dome!!!  The point was to show California as the new Promised Land.

two 1911 people in San Francisco

Bertha and William Haas

Jews arrived with the Gold Rush in 1849,and starting major businesses and civic institutions, and serving in government. William Haas founded a grocery business. He was on the board of Wells Fargo, and also was president of Mount Zion, the city’s first Jewish hospital.

After they passed away a family member, Alice Haas Lilienthal, lived there until her death in 1972.

The house is open to the public and is at 2007 Franklin St, It’s a 26-story building that today contains doctor’s offices. Built in 1926, it is on the National Registry of Historic Places. It’s open Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

If you are able to go, give us your feedback.

For more info, see their site.

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  1. Alan Hudson says:

    Hi Rick. I hike Half Dome at least once a year and I am a big fan of your book. I am also Jewish so I remember seeing this beautiful stain glass window you wrote about. But unless there are two windows depicting the same scene the window is in the sanctuary of Temple Sherith Israel in San Francisco and not in the Haas Lilienthal House.

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