Hiking Dangers: Be alert for wild animals – even man-eating cows.

No, I don’t mean at McDonalds. A report of out Southern California has it that a hiker had a rather unusual experience with these horned beasts. Frank Turcaz was walking along a trail in Chino Hills and came upon a herd of grazing moo-cows. Chino Hills State Park, is a collection of rolling hills and walnut-and-oak-filled canyons. It is located on the four corners of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Bovine killer; Cows can attack

Bovine killer; Cows can attack

When he saw cattle on the trail a few months ago, Turcaz was unable to shoo one beast away. He tried the classic moves to move the animals off the trail. (Frank, just go around them!) He came upon a bull with his “harem” of 20 females. The bull got ready to charge this intruder. You can’t outrun a bull. He retreated slowly.

Okay, all joking aside, a one-ton bull is nothing to take take lightly. The authorities think there may be feral heifers back in the Netherlands of the park. These animals are not used to human contact and may get aggressive. Even lumbering females may attack to protect their calves.

When we hike Mission Peak in Fremont, we often have to step around cows. This area has grown cattle for a hundred years. Many parks allow beef producers to graze their small herds on county land. It’s a good way to enhance coffers while keeping the grass and weeds in control. Cattle without ear tags might be feral. So far, no stampedes.

Unrelated thought worth quoting:The longer we look the greater the scenes appear.” – Professor O/S. Fowler, Boston, on first seeing Yosemite in 1867 

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