Hiker falls and dies in San Jose’s Alum Rock Park

There are many great hiking sites near San Jose-by-the-sea. Our valley is bordered by two mountain ranges, with the western Costal Range hosting many neat trails. The east side is the Diablo Range which is quite hot during the summer, but there are some historical places to prep for Half Dome.  Alum Rock Park has a long history from when San Jose was a cattle and fruit center.  It was called the Valley of Hearts Delight. Alum Rock Park used to have 27  Hot Spring that were very popular as a place to get away.  They are off limits now. At over 700 acres, the park offers diverse activities for families and short hikes. A pleasant 5 mile loop trail is popular. The park dates back to 1892 when it was set aside.The name comes from a large rock that was believed to contain the  mineral “alum.”

Trail at Alum Rock Park, San Jose

On Saturday, a solo hiker was out in rugged territory of the park and slipped and fell about 100 feet and was discovered dead. His car was found by rangers in the parking lot about midnight Saturday. It’s unknown exactly when he fell, but his body was located by San Jose Park Rangers at 2 pm on Sunday. Due to the difficulty of a recovery they had to leave the body. As of Monday, Santa Clara County Coroner’s office and the Sheriff were determining the safest way to remove the body. There has been no update available as next of kin need to be notified first.


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