Hetch Hetchy in news again

How was your 11/1/11 at 1:11 pm ??

Oxycotine, Percacet, Morfine, Valium, Tylenol.  What’s this? From the Michael Jackson trial? No, those are drugs I’m either taking or took to dull the pain of a hippo sitting on my chest. This week I begin to see local doctors and get on the road to recovery.  A “shout out” to all who have sent get-well wishes. I’ll continue to monitor happenings at Yosemite from my 4-post bed at Carpe Diem Experience LLC, global Headquarters in Silicon Valley. Many have asked for updates so I’ll give a few “pity me” thoughts but promise not to turn this blog into my medical history. I’ve never had a broken bone – Now I can check that off!!

Today I refer you to a very well written article by Dan Aiello 
of the California Progress Report – A San Francisco journal. The focus is on Hetch Hetchy and what’s going on to tear down the dam and restore that valley to its aboriginal condition. I thought the “economy” had sunk any thoughts of this but it seems Senator Diane Feinstein has made keeping the dam one of her cornerstones. She is in disfavor and may not get reelected over this issue.

For a city to snag water rights in a national park is a real slap to all of us. I KNOW the SF region needs water, but it’s no longer needed to store it in Yosemite. The Toulumne River is the source but it could still be controlled by SF; just move the reservoirs downstream – like Lake Don Pedro.  Anyway, the push is to get the measure to restore Hetch Hetchy on the Nov 2012 ballot and get 7500 signatures. Odds are very high now since  Ms Diane is not the golden girl any more. SF is known for its radical moves and this could help the program along. I had read that it would only take 20 years for the valley to revert to its natural state.


Unrelated thought worth quoting:In 1987, President Reagan’s secretary of the Interior, Donald Hodel, suggested removal of the dam at Hetch Hetchy and restoration of the valley to nature. ” Harold Gilliam, “The Sierra Club’s First Century” 

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  1. Matt Murphy says:

    What a great jobs plan! 1) Build a bigger reservoir downstream; 2) tear down the Hetch Hetchy Dam 3) restoration of Hetch Hetchy canyon….I see thousands of jobs being created, and Hetch Hetchy reverts to a more natural state, and SF gets to keep its water source. Can’t see any downsides to this idea!

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