Hetch Hetchy debate rages on – Mr Gobachov, Tear Down that Dam!

It was 100 years ago Thursday that the Raker Act was passed. Woodrow Wilson was bullied into destroying one of the best valleys in the world. San Francisco needed water so they encroached on a National Park. Unbeleivable. Even in the day, over 200 newspaper editors rallied agents the dam. This act put the valley under 400 feet of water and probably contributed to John Muir’s death in 1914 – Christmas eve. Sad.

Woodrow Wilson is ultimately to blame for the Raker Act

Woodrow Wilson is ultimately to blame for the Raker Act

 Many studies have been done showing that SF could still get the water they need without the dam. There are plenty of places downstream that reservoirs could be built. Ever hear of the New Melones or the Don Pedro? Santa Clara County uses underground aquifers to store water – hmmm why not San Fran? Along Crystal Springs.

Lat week in an unusual move, the liberal San Jose Mercury published an op-ed piece by three former Yosemite Superintendents. They all supported removing the dam. Robert Binnewies, BJ Griffin and David Mihalic are took public stands.

Yet last November, San Francisco residents voted down even a $20 million plan to study the possibilities. Yes, it would take $3 Billion to work – but what do we spend every day in Afghanistan? $300 million.

Happy (?) Anniversary.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things.”  ― Nicholas Sparks, 

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