Hari Mix interview – Former Half Dome speed run record holder

I recently did a YouTube interview with Kyle Williams, the current holder of the running record RT up Half Dome with a time of 2:23:51. In a follow-up, I interviewed Hari Mix, a previous holder. He set the record in 2005 with a time of 2:38:21.

Hari still holds the record time for the run up the Yosemite Falls Trail one in a blazing 43:04.

this is ahari Mix, he runs speed up mountains

Hari Mix, speed runner up Half Dome

I also have in terviewed Ryan Ghelfi for  my free Half Dome app and will post it to YouTube soon. These guys are moving, hitting an average pace just over 10 minutes/mile. They peak downhill at about a 4-minute mile. Wow, this is controlled falling!

Here are the times for the last 5 records holders:

2:51:56 – Mark Spencer, June 19th 1982 (1:38:45 up, 1:13:11 down

2:49 – Buzz Burrell, Sept 23, 2004 (1:47 up, 1:02 down)

2:38:21 – Hari Mix, June 10th 2005 (1:34:22 up, 1:03:59 down)

2:30:50 – Ryan Ghelfi June 16, 2008 (1:32:54 up, 57:56 down)

2:28:18 – Rickey Gates, July 8, 2010, (1:28:47 up, 59:31 down)

2:23:51 – Kyle Williams, Sep 28, 2014 (1:27:12 up, 56:39 down)

A tip of the hat to all of you.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham

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