Half Dome Stewardship Plan EA released

The Half Dome Stewardship Plan Environmental Assessment is out.  Go to the link <HERE> to see the 132 page document. Page down to the PDF link below the “Document Content.” Bottom line – NPS recommends 300 permits (including Wilderness Permits) per day via lottery and NO allocation for commercial guide services. Let’s all read it, digest the impact and comment per their directions.

The 5 Alternatives suggested are:

Alternative A – No restrictions

Alternative B – 400 people per day

Alternative C – 300 people per day  ****Recommended****

Alternative D – 140 people per day

Alternative E – Remove the cables

We can comment up to March 15. The plan would then incorporate comments and get signed off to be effective in 2013.

I’ll need to see how this website/blog can assist in 2012 like I did the last 2 years. Seems if a person is down as TRIP LEADER he can get permits for a total of 6 people. Then if not planning to use all of them, they could give some to other friendly Blog readers. The Trip Leader  would need to go and show their ID as Trip leader, but the other 5 should be able to pass Checkpoint Charlie. There has NOT been a requirement that all need to cross the gate together.

In other news, the Yosemite Conservancy’s Spring Forum will be March 31. The agenda is being finalized and registrations should be open soon. It’s a good way to hear updates on Park Planning and mneet the Superintendent. Plan to get a room now. Heated tent cabin as a minimum. I’m thinking about staying at the Yosemite Bug and driving over into the park that morning.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Thrown like a star in my vast sleep, I open my eyes to take a peek. To find that I was by the sea gazing with tranquillity. ‘Twas then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man came singing songs of love.” – Donovan

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8 Responses to Half Dome Stewardship Plan EA released

  1. Bruce Vitfob says:

    Sunny, warm weather has returned to the park. How much snow on Glacier Point Road. Any good chance of it reopening soon?

  2. Maureen L says:

    seriously, folks, can you reliably distinguish a guided trip that is for appreciating wilderness scenery from a guided trip that is purely for recreation?

    under alternatives B and C, educational and scenery appreciation commercially-guided trips are allowed, but recreational ones are not!

    and the way they come up with the number of each allowed is very tricky.

    apparently, some commercially guided trips are one-day hikes and some are multi-day trips with wilderness permits.

  3. Maureen L says:

    Dear Dean and international readers,

    You might want to remind the Park that they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so it’s yours, too!

    • Sönke says:

      You bet! Although I’m supposed to live in one of the greatest democracies in the world my government or government agencies give a sh$%&t about what their citizens think and it would be unthinkable to have discussions about stewardship plans etc. over here. “They” would just install some kind of commission who would come up with a result that “we” (the citizens) have to deal with.

      So America for me is still very much the land of the free. And that’s why I spent almost each and every single day of my spare time/holidays in the US since 1987. 🙂

      Regarding the HD stewardship plan:

      I understand that there are many, many different opinions and I’ve read tons of different reactions across the web. My personal preference would be D but C would be ok for me too. I mentioned it several times before: as much as I hate regulations I clearly prefer less people on the trail even it means it might be hard to get a permit.

      I see no need for commercially guided trips whatsoever as HD can be tackled by EVERYONE with a bit of common sense. Yes, the hike is very hard but it represents no real outdoor challenges (e.g. path/route finding etc.).

      • Sonke Reply says:

        “My personal preference would be D but C would be ok for me too. I mentioned it several times before: as much as I hate regulations I clearly prefer less people on the trail even it means it might be hard to get a permit.”

        The problem with this line of thinking is the assmption that you still get to do the hike. With a quota system, many people will be denied the opportunity to hike.

      • Maureen L says:

        I have sympathy for those who want to tackle Half Dome but cannot do it as a day hike, and who are not able to carry all the stuff they need to backpack and stay at Little Yosemite or somewhere in the Wilderness. (I’m over 60, and can still do it as a day hike, but I know people who can’t.)

        Having a commercial guide service do the heavy lifting (tents, sleeping stuff, cooking stuff, food, first aid, etc.) and making it a 3 day trip should still be an option, I think.

        Maybe not for 45 people a day, and maybe not with the silly distinctions between education, scenery viewing, and purely recreational, but some possibility.

        • Bruce Vitfob says:

          Do we really want a large amount of the limited permits going to guided tours? If so, what is to stop the well-heeled from purchasing all the permits? I wonder how many in 2011 were purchased by a very limited number of individuals and companies? Any info on what percentage of the permits never get used?

          • Mr Half Dome - Rick Deutsch says:

            The guide services had to apply just like everyone else…No fast lane for Ahwahnee guests etc. Of the 400 available last year the average daily usage was about 240….but jammed on weekends. Suggestion – don’t try for a Saturday – better odds Tues/Wed.

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