Half Dome Stewardship Plan chatter

In the press today was a story about the Tuolumne County Supervisors who have taken a postion that 600 permits should be allowed on Half Dome. See <HERE>.  

 Wanna see why your odds of getting a Half Dome permit for a Saturday are going to be astronomical? Open this park summary of the number of applications so far. Remember, only 300 hikers per day will be drawn. Yikes! Click <HERE>. 

Action:  Get the Half Dome Stewardship Plan  and read it. 132 pages of love and angst.  Then send in your comments by March 15 using this form. This is what they are looking for. Not rants, but specifics in these areas: 

  1. Identify incomplete or incorrect information.
  2. Offer reasons why a particular alternative or plan element would or would not work.
  3. Offer a reasonable, new plan element or completely new alternative that could help accomplish the stated goals.
  4. Point out discrepancies between legal mandates and proposals.
  5. Highlight deficiencies in the analysis of environmental consequences.
  6. Provide information on how you use the park and how particular proposals in the planning document would affect that use.

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Unrelated thought worth quoting: “It’s all part of my rock ‘n’ roll fantasy. It’s all part of my rock ‘n’ roll dream.” Bad Company 

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One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome

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One Response to Half Dome Stewardship Plan chatter

  1. Maureen L says:

    The reasoning skills of our elected officials leave much to be desired.

    Since when is a maximum an average?

    “…our Board is concerned about the preferred alternative decreasing the number of visitors from an average of 1,200 to 300 users per day. This represents a 75 percent decrease and would greatly impact the experience of park visitors.”

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