Half Dome permits update – be aware

You need a Half Dome permit to get this view

If you “won” the Half Dome Lotto, you need to read this. You MUST log on to your recreation.gov account and “confirm” your award before May 20. If you don’t, you will be cancelled and your permits tossed into the 2-day mini-lotteries.  This is new for 2013 and its easy to slip off your radar.

Also, you cannot use a smart phone image; you must have a real paper permit. The one that you will print out from your recreation.gov account. DO NOT PRINT IT UNTIL YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU WILL GO. Once you print it out, you cannot later cancel it and get are fund. If the Trip Leader or Alternate cannot go, the others cannot. But if the Trip Leader or Alternate go, the others can be replaced. You CANNOT “sell” slots.

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6 Responses to Half Dome permits update – be aware

  1. Ratan says:

    On which day the Cables will be UP and Set-up?
    If I am not wrong, 24th May is the first day of hike with Cables. Are they setting up cables few days before? Can I target the day before Permit days starts?


    • Ratan:

      The trail crew goes up on the 23rd of May – no earlier. A crew of about 12. They haul up the pipes and boards and assemble the whole thing. The cables are UP and open for business at 12:01 on May 24. You need a permit from then on. If you go up earlier, you are at your risk. 2 women died rappelling up the cable that just lies down. Bad idea.

  2. Christina says:

    What if I didn’t get a permit in the lottery? Anything I can do? We are flexible on our dates!

  3. Dean says:

    Hi Rick,

    If you win a permit in the 2 day lottery are there facilities in the valley for printing it out?


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