Half Dome Permit System Working; Many get 2-day permits

Hike #34 is in the record books. Ooooo Ahhhhh. We had a great hike with perfect weather. I’ve heard from many who got skunked last week by the thunderstorms. We lucked out. It was dark and overcast at 5:30 am but that made the first part of the hike nice and cool. By 10 am it was blue sky.

As we headed towards the trailhead, we passed this bear capture crate. I’ve never seen one before. Note door is open. During the night we heard the pow of the bean bag gun so the rangers must have been trying to capture a delinquent black bear.

Yosemite Bear Trap

Later, as we went through the forest switchbacks, we ran into a mom and doe out for a nice stroll. They were not afraid and it was neat to see a young one scampering about.

Mule deer and doe

The count of folks going up the cables was 150 as of 1 pm.  I met many who were able to get the 2-day permits. I got ours in the March lottery, so we were happy. But I still say – do the hike anyway even if you don’t have permits. Many along the trail didn’t cancel their no-shows and you can go up with them. We had a slow hike and finished in 15 hours. Ouch.

I don’t have many summit pix to share. I strapped on my head-mounted GoPro to retake the climb for YouTube. This version is in 960p High Def. It will take me a while to edit and narrate it with iMovie and get it loaded. I’ll post the link. In the meantime, see the current one: Half Dome Hike: All the Way Up. It has had 34,000 views.

We saw the Lee Stetson one-man show on John Muir at the theater. That man is great.

The rangers found the body of the 6-year old boy who drowned last week. Closure. Condolences.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “I will follow my instincts, and be myself for good or ill.”- John Muir

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One Response to Half Dome Permit System Working; Many get 2-day permits

  1. Maureen L says:

    The bean bag guns are part of the adversative conditioning program for bears that have been corrupted by humans. That’s the step before execution. (Removing bears to far away doesn’t work; they come back to the Valley, or wherever they’ve succeeded in getting human food, in record time.)

    The traps have been around for a while, at Housekeeping and in the campgrounds.

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