Half Dome – Our Mt Everest

Half Dome – Our Mt Everest

Well, 99.9% of us will never get to Mt. Everest stands at 29,000ft. It is far off our radar. At 8,842 ft, Half Dome is a challenge enough for us. May is hiking season at Everest. The weather takes a break then. This year the number of climbers (foreigners) is 315; Nepali support staff at base camp and above base camp estimated about 500. This number is somewhat similar to last year. And we think the cables are busy!

Records show that since Sir Edmond Hillary first did it, there have been 5,652 summits of Everest by 3,425 different persons, meaning that 2,220 climbers, mostly Sherpas, have multiple summits. 223 people have died on Everest.

Let’s head up the Mist trail this summer – one step at a time.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “I want to take you higher.” – Sly Stone

MrHalfDome™ – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com

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Mr Half Dome. Has written the only half dome hiking guide, One Best Hike: Yosemite's Half Dome. Has hiked it 31 times to day. Lives in San Jose, CA Available for presentations. Carpe Diem Experience, LLC
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