Half Dome in 2012

Well well well….back at home in bed. Whew. I had a lot planned for Nov that is now cancelled. Today was going to be fun hike at the Pinnacles. Superb weather. So now I lay and wince. I pray I don;t get a cold. Sneezing would be really hard! Mrs Half Dome has done a stellar job nursing me. I am as helpless as a 2 yr old. Plus she works full time. Again, nice to know there are so many nice folks who read the FB and blog page. I’ll get back on track soon – I have a lot of bed time to look forward to. My goal is to be 100% in time for a JUNE HD hike. That;s a hard pull up. Ouch

We spent last night at the Hotel Charlotte in Groveland. Nice folks. Stop by and have dinner or just pet the dog, Goose. We ate din din with Scott Gehrman of Lasting Adventures. I have no appetite and still am in a fog.  The ride home was heaven in our Lexus – the seats were great. I am thinking of sleeping in it!

More Half Dome stuff as I recouperate. Don’t ignore the Merced River Plan. It could have FAR reaching impact on how the park is run in the future.Really. Then we expect the Half Dome Stewardship Alternatives to be released soon also. Bjsy time for those who care.

Let the healing begin!!


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One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome

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