Half Dome cables update 2/3/12

**Permits required for Half Dome in 2012 via lottery in March. Read <HERE>.**


Fresh info from the park. It looks like the permit system will require ALL in a party to be with the “Trip Leader” when their permits are checked at Sub Dome. In the past, the group could travel at different paces and as long as each held a bona fide permit, they could proceed. To help curb scalping (thanks, guys), they will requiring the Trip Leader (or alternate) to have  an ID with all his/her kittens by his side at Sub Dome for the checkie-check.

Also, they will be encouraging permit holders to cancel permits via recreation.gov for the refund and NOT give them out along the trail. They say that if you ask people to pay the $5.00 fee, that is considered “selling” the permit. The cancelled permits will go into the pool of lottery permits to be drawn each day – in addition to the 50 planned. Those numbers could go up or down based on actual numbers doing the hike. Remember, last year it averaged only 200+.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Well, the rain exploded with a mighty crash as we fell into the sun. And the first one said to the second one there: ‘I hope, you’re having fun.’ Band on the run.”  – Wings 

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One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome

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2 Responses to Half Dome cables update 2/3/12

  1. Maureen L says:

    hi, Rick,

    about those 50 two days before permits “planned”….

    The Park isn’t actually making any promises about that.

    They say 400 total per day, 300 day hikers and 100 on wilderness permits. All of the 300 will be available in the lottery; so if there’s a lot of demand, and not many cancellations, there may not be very many for the daily lottery.

    Here’s what they actually say:

    “Approximately 50 permits will be available each day by lottery during the hiking season. These permits will be available based on the estimated rate of under-use and cancellation of permits (the exact number may change through the summer).”

    Also, do you know if someone snags a permit for more people than are actually in their group, will there be a way to say, “I got a permit for 6 of us, but only 4 are going, here’s 2 people you can put back in the pool,” or can people only cancel entirely?

    thanks for keeping us in the know about the emerging details.

    • Mr Half Dome - Rick Deutsch says:

      Agree. They will monitor useage and change the number up or down depending. PLUS you have to have internet access. Not always easy. Bringing your laptop and trying to get access in Curry is a challenge. Usually no connection.

      My problem is “where to stay.” Only locals will really be able to take advantage of this. Or we just book a room and take chances. If you don’t win, then I guess it’s a hike to Clouds Rest or another trail. Hey, I’m obsessed – for most once up HD is enough.

      Let’s bring up these things at the webinar. I’ll blog on what I’ve picked up about it later today. Car wash time in Sunny San Jose-by-the-sea.

      Rick – aka Mr Half Dome

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