Half Dome cables are closed to protect hikers from falling through the cracks

Our European Bureau in Hamburg is several hours ahead of us and is able to see news while we are asleep.  This report came in – – – – – The Half Dome cables are closed for “emergency repairs.” Unknown reason, but on Jun 18 I saw this broken 2 x 4 board and a few missing ones.

Half Dome cables broken board

Perhaps they are repairing them. I saw no other issues with the cables then. It’s expected they will be open Jun 23 by noon.  Call 209/372-0826 if you are impacted.

Refunds will be issued for missed hikes due to this. Sorry, but no “reschedules.” The policy sez refunds for when the cables are not available…but we mostly thought this was for SNOW conditions in May and June. Wow…bummer.

It pays to read this blog – no other media has this story. We’re here to serve and protect.


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10 Responses to Half Dome cables are closed to protect hikers from falling through the cracks

  1. ninjanene says:

    My dad almost fell off. cables were taken apart to lower down to him

    • Tom says:

      Hello ninjanene,
      I’m sorry to hear about your father. How scary!
      Would you be able to reply with more detail on this accident? Knowing more details may help future HD hikers in their decisions. Thanks.

    • This from another person who was there…

      The rangers who check permits said the man who slipped let go of the cables in an attempt to grab a falling walkie talkie. He fortunately got stuck on a ledge instead of slipping/bouncing all the way down. No one in the vicinity had cellphone reception so other hikers dismantled the poles and one of the cables to rescue him, like you mentioned. He was able to walk down uninjured.

    • Jaime Munoz says:

      Dude I was there… I came down shortly after… I couldn’t believe what happened… your Dad definitely had a guardian angel on his side… I kept thinking about him all weekend. Glad he’s ok 🙂

  2. Sönke says:

    Here’s the official word from Yosemite NP:

    Half Dome Cables – Re-Opened on Saturday (6/23) at 10:00am

    Late on the afternoon of June 22 there was a rescue on the cables section of the Half Dome trail. The cables were inspected prior to re-opening for public access – and have now officially been re-opened (as of 10:00am, June 23).

    @Jeff: u from europe 2?! 😉

    • Jeff says:

      Nope, not from Europe, it was just a play on the ungodly early hours I was exchanging emails with Rick while in Yosemite.

  3. Dave Nelson says:

    Not trying to be picky but… if Jeff’s message was posted at 12:40 today and the cables were back up at 10:30am, then this posting neither served nor protected. All it did was inform of an incident that occurred in the past and was rectified before this blog notified anyone of it. In other words it was old news when posted. Informative but not timely. Don’t try to take credit for a service you did not provide.


    • Dave,

      I appreciate your comment. The time tags on comments and postings are dependent on the time zone my laptop is located in. I am now in Manassas, VA – Eastern time. As I find out info I post it for those readers who may not have heard anything about events. The park has still not issued a press release on this – only on thier Facebook page. I did not know anything of this and read Sonke’s comment (Hamburg) and then Jeff’s comment. Knowing that most readers do not bother to read comments, but go to the “headline,” I posted the info on a fresh blog. I hope this let many people know about the closure -and true – it was too late for hikers who were already going up. I hope this did not affect your life.


    • Sönke says:

      Hi Dave,

      Just for the record:

      I posted the news here on the blog 42 minutes after it was released by park officials on the evening BEFORE the cables were temporarily closed.

      This could have alerted hikers who potentially would have attempted the hike the next morning.

      Nothing more, nothing less.

  4. Jeff says:

    European bureau checking in… 2 rangers confirmed a slip/fall from the cables yesterday and a successful ledge rescue. We heard a helicopter in the valley around 6pm yesterday but did not get a visual. Other hikers on the trail removed poles and/or cables while attempting to give aid. Repairs this morning were to put everything back up. Cables were open around 10:30am.

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