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As you can imagine, the businesses in Groveland are taking a bath with few visitors due to the fire. Many are laying off workers. If they don’t make money during the summer, they are on a shoestring come winter. The old town has been spared but we need to do something to help them. Hwy 120 will be open Monday so get to the park. The crowds are WAAY down. Half Dome is calling. Very easy to get 2-day mini lottery permits. VERY.

With that in mind, my good friend, Alice van Ommeren, will be having a Book Signing at the Groveland Yosemite Gateway Museum on Saturday, September 21, from 10 am to noon.

Alice van Ommeren's new book on Yosemite released.

Alice van Ommeren’s new book on Yosemite released.

The museum is on the left at the east end of town. There is a huge parking lot there. The GPS address is 18990 Highway 120 Groveland. Highway 120 is open to Groveland from the west. The road is open so put this on your itinerary.

So what has Alice written? A new release called Yosemite’s Historic Hotels and Camps (Postcard History)
Alice, a Stockton resident, is a historian and postcard collector. The book has over 200 images from postcards of the era. In 125 pages, she gives us a great view of the old lodgings. Most burned to the ground! You can get it at

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “And you read your Emily Dickinson,  and I my Robert Frost. And we note our place with bookmarkers. That measure what we’ve lost.” –  Simon and Garfunkel 

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