Glacier Point 1956

**Permits required for Half Dome in 2012 via lottery in March.**

**Read <HERE>.**

 The photo was posted by “Vince” on a blog site. It shows the area on Glacier Point where the wood was lit and allowed to turn into glowing embers before being shoved over the edge during the “Firefall” at Curry Village. The ritual ran from 1872 to 1968. Every summer night at 9 pm this event would take place. I’ve met people who saw it and said it was pretty neat.

If you go today this area is different. The fence railing was moved farther to the left and the wood pile is now a circular area with greenery.

A comment on the Superbowl this Sunday. So is it really the Commercial Bowl with some football thrown in between? With the 49ers out of it, the game will play second fiddle to the commercials. Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno are to appear in one. Have you noticed that spots out now do not say “SuperBowl?” They say: “buy a ginormous TV to watch the Big Game” or “stock up on Sudso Beer for the Game of the Year.” Turns out the NFL has a rule that the word “Superbowl” cannot be used without paying a fee. So enjoy the “annual match-up of pretty good NFL teams.” You can get sneak peak <HERE> – Audi has a neat one.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Oye como va. Me ritmo. Bueno pa gozar, Mulatta.” – Santana

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