Fremont man builds “mini-me” Half Dome cables

Kim Pedersen of Fremont, CA is preparing for his first Half Dome hike. He’s read the book, watched the YouTubes, got the boots and is hiking hills. He is a bit cautious about heights. Ergo, Kim is acrophobic.

To ease his apprehension of the last 425 vertical feet to the summit, he has literally built his own scale model of the cable route.  In his backyard. Complete with metal pipes, 2 x 4 boards and a cable running along the top. All this at the correct 45 degree incline.

Kim climbing the cables

Kim climbing the cables

After a group hike up Mission Peak yesterday – just a few miles away, I had to see the work of art. We took a test hike in the afternoon. It really is a “mini-me” replica. (Austin Powers reference.) Kim just finished the beast recently but intends to use it to “practice” going up and down the cables.

Don't drop your water bottle!

Don’t drop your water bottle!

He wants to refine his technique – as close as he can to reality. That means many, many cycles. His 10-foot ramp simulates the 600+ feet of the real deal, so that means a whole lot of runs. I told him the surface he used was way too grippy; that the granite route today is closer to marble than sandpaper granite. He’ll work on it to smooth it down. Even with boots, the cable route is getting slippery. (Tennis shoes are a big no-no.)

He makes it to the summit!!

He makes it to the summit!!

I left my boots in the car so when I tried it, I had my sandals on. Not a good idea. I contend that he ought to charge folks a buck so they can see what the 1919 cables look like. Kim – you’re crazy!!!

What a hoot!

What a hoot!

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “It’s not the fall that concerns me – it’s the sudden stop!” – A wise old man

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One Response to Fremont man builds “mini-me” Half Dome cables

  1. Maureen L says:

    very dedicated!

    I use my canyoneering shoes for Half Dome, designed for slick rock, even wet slick rock.

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