B U L L E T I N – Fire update 8/20/13

B U L L E T I N – Fire update 8/20/13

The Sierra Rim Fire map

The Sierra Rim Fire map

The Rim Fire  near Groveland has burned over 11,000 acres. CA Hwy 120, the major gateway into the park is closed east of Groveland You cannot use it to get into the park. That means that western approaching visitors must go all the way down to Hwy 140 or even further to Hwy 41 to get into the park. Smoke and haze will work its way into the park.

Half Dome and the other trails are not impacted, so come on in. Just arrive early. Guide services located near Groveland are impacted, so confirm your reservation for guided hikes. Traffic will be heavy  at the open gates as cars are diverted from Hwy 120. Residents of Sonora will feel the impact –  many work at towns further west.

The resort / mountain town of Pine Mountain Lake is not impacted – yet. However, these areas are being evacuated: Buck Meadows, San Jose Family Camp, Rainbow Pool, Yosemite Inn, Early Intake, Evergreen Lodge, Packard Canyon and the Spinning Wheel Forest Service Facility.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “I am the god of hell-fire. And I bring yuou F I R E.” – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

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