El Portal Gas Station

If you come into the park via Hwy 140 thru Mariposa, you may want to know that the Shell gas station just outside the park has been closed for a while. Wanna know why? There have been negotiations going on to decide who will run it before the pumps are active again. In the meantime you can see the work that is being done on the holding tanks. So first one to report that the pumps are up and running wins a Cupie Doll.

Snows are cleared off 4-Mile trail. It’s open for hiking.


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  1. Sönke says:

    El Portal Gas Station Scheduled to be Reopened Early July
    The El Portal Gas station is on schedule to reopen during the first part of July. Last fall, the underground tanks, necks, and valves were tested and the NPS found a stress failure in the system. No leaks or contamination was found, however the NPS elected to replace the tanks and dispensers before the gas station could be safely reopened. Further, improvements and repairs to the facility, including an wheelchair accessible rest-room, needed to be completed. We appreciate the community’s patience as we take care of this important issue, and look forward to continuation of basic gas services in El Portal in early July. (M. Gauthier)

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