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     Kudos again to YOSAR. Three twenties-ish rock climbers were rescued this week off  the wall of El Cap. This one took 2 days. Sarah Land of Oakhurst was at the wrong end of a hunk of rock that flaked off the wall.  She initially underestimated the effects of the collision and the trio continued their hike until Land called for help about 2:30 pm. Being winter as it is, there wasn’t enough light to get a helicopter on scene.  Fog, cold and approaching snow complicated things. The 3 spent what had to be a very long night strapped to the wall.

     On Monday morning, the Army National Guard sent a Chinook helicopter to the top
of El Capitan, where Rangers Matt Stark and Chris Bellino were lowered to the injured climbers.  The group was then lowered to the base.  A CHP helicopter short-hauled Land to El Capitan Meadow where she was transported out of Yosemite Valley. She should be OK. Over 30 Yosemite National Park Rangers, Yosemite Search and Rescue Team Members and others assisted in this complex technical rescue, putting their lives at risk to rescue the climbers. A tip of the hat to all involved.

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