Don’t have a Yosemite Half Dome hiking permit? Mr Half Dome is here to help.

Lasting adventures – Non-profit Guide Service

If you did not snag a permit in the March Half Dome lotto, and you don’t want to risk the 2-day lottery, I’d like to tell you about a way you can still hike to the summit. I have a relationship with a non-profit guide service that has been around 15+ years – Lasting I am a qualified guide and will be leading many of the one-day hikes up Half Dome.

As a commercial outfitter, Lasting Adventures has secured permits for groups of 5 for: 5/24, 5/31, 6/11, 7/6, 7/8, 7/15, 7/19, 7/29, 8/16, 8/18, and 8/23. Imagine hiking Half Dome with Mr Half Dome. The rates are lower than any other service and when you register, you will be given a copy of the only hiking guide to HD, “One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome 

Your Lasting Adventures guide, or me (depending on availability) will narrate the history and geology of the hike as well as getting you safely to the top. All hikers will also receive my recommended nitrile (rubber) gloves that stick to the cables. This is not an easy hike, but many prefer the confidence and safety a guide provides. We carry First Aid kits, a water filter and other necessary safety gear.  For more information on the program and to secure your spot, visit their website. Lasting

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Unrelated thought worth quoting: “In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

MrHalfDome™ – Rick Deutsch –

One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome

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Mr Half Dome. Has written the only half dome hiking guide, One Best Hike: Yosemite's Half Dome. Has hiked it 31 times to day. Lives in San Jose, CA Available for presentations. Carpe Diem Experience, LLC
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2 Responses to Don’t have a Yosemite Half Dome hiking permit? Mr Half Dome is here to help.

  1. John says:

    Rick, we will be hiking Half Dome on Sunday October 8th. Our group has permits, but we are one permit short? What would be the best way to get this additional permit for that day. Thanks in advance for your help. John Francis.

    • John,

      The blog post you reference is 4 years old!!! But sure, I can help.

      There are several tricks you can employ to improve your odds of getting that one permit. Too long type, but I made a video on how. I did the hike 5 times in 2 recent summers. No guarantees, but in Oct you should be fine. It may be cold. the sun will set early…like 5:30 pm…so the days are short. Mt weather comes up fast, so be aware.

      I sent you an email with the process to view my video.


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