Half Dome 2-day permit process works

The iconic Half Dome cables

The iconic Half Dome cables

This is the view of the cables yesterday at about noon o’clock. I got my permit under the 2-day mini-permit process. There were 102 available. This was the 50 per day announced by the NPS in March and all cancellations that came in. A lot more no-shows did not cancel. You can get $8 per permit refunded if you cancel…and more hikers can go! The total load yesterday was over 240, but with Backpackers it should been been well over 300.

The weather started of overcast and it actually sprinkled 48 drops the night before. It was nice and cool during the morning but by afternoon it got scorching hot for our return. The late sun blasts you right in the face coming back down. Water is getting very low, but is still running. I thought it would all be gone by now.

My advice Go  for it. Don’t complain that you can’t get a permit. Give it the old college try.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir

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5 Responses to Half Dome 2-day permit process works

  1. Kathleen says:

    I went up (for the first time) yesterday. Your book helped me prepare. Thank you so much fir the information and virtual support. I loved it!

  2. Maureen L says:

    Before you decide to try the 2 day permit process, or the hike up asking along the way or waiting at the subdome check point, ask yourself if this fits your general style and your approach to life.

    Rick’s motto is Carpe diem; I enjoy planning my adventures.

    Do you enjoy planning, or do you prefer being a very spontaneous last-minute person? Or, can you plan to be spontaneous when you have to or a chance at something really matters to you?

    Are you OK arranging to stay at Curry Village (which is getting pricy, even for more than 1) or snag a valley campsite not knowing that you’ll get a Half Dome permit? Or are you OK hiking early asking along the way or waiting at the base of subdome?

    My answer to these questions is No.

    There are lots of great hikes in the park, and I really don’t like staying at Curry Village when the Valley is hot and crowded, even on weekdays.

    Since I don’t have a death wish, I didn’t use my permit for June 25 because of morning rain and clouds all day. I’m back in the park for 5 days the 3rd week of August, but I’m going to stay at White Wolf and hike off Tioga Road.

    Rick’s a great model for active retirement; I have to work this around my teaching schedule, including summer session intensive.

  3. Glenn Sander says:

    Hi Rick,

    I’m taking a party of six up Half Dome in two weeks (7/28), and would like to know about the condition of the “Little Spring”. Is it still flowing, and if so, how likely do you think it is that we’ll still be able to get water there on our hike in two weeks?

    Thanks for all the thorough, accurate, and well-organized info on Half-Dome – it’s a priceless resource!


    • Glenn,

      Yup – the Little Spring runs year round…freezes in winter. But it is flowing fine. In fact 2 days ago it seemed deeper than usual…plan on 3 inches. A filter pump is perfect….Hold the intake just below the water to prevent sediment from entering. Find exactly where it is in my book.
      Including GPS coordinates.


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