DNC gets contract extension

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Vistor Services

DNC Parks and Resorts at Yosemite, Inc. aka Delaware North aka DNC is the current Park concessionaire. They basically run the park for the NPS. Lodging, retail stores, maintenance etc. They replaced the Yosemite Park and Curry Company years ago. The contract with DNC was about to expire, but they were just given an extension through January 31, 2015. They are currently on an extension that expires at the end of the US Govt. Fiscal year, on September 30. The park is continuing the process of developing a new prospectus for visitor services.  This contract is a huge award and many others had been looking at the recomplete. Rumor was Disney and others were going to bid.   

Gauthier new C of  S

Mike Gauthier was named as the new Chief of Staff at Yosemite. He spent 18 years at Ranier and was head of that park’s climbing program. He’s a good guy and has helped me on a couple occasions.  I’m still trying to get Oct 12 declared “George Anderson Day.”

January in October

The weather is turning into January at the park. 90% chance of rain on Wed, with SNOW above 7,000 feet. Since Half Dome is at 8842, I am canceling my hike there for Thursday. Yuck. If you are going, be aware of a winter storm watch. 6 TO 12 INCHES ABOVE 7000 FEET…  12 TO 18 INCHES IN THE HIGH COUNTRY. SNOW LEVEL: ABOVE 8000 FEET ELEVATION TUESDAY NIGHT LOWERING TO 5500 TO 6000 FEET LATE WEDNESDAY. SNOW SHOWERS COULD LINGER INTO THURSDAY.

Another piece of pie?

34% of women and 11% of men now exceed the US Army’s standard for body fat. Good thing flying drones only uses fingers. Hike it off!!


Unrelated thought worth quoting: The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” – John Muir 

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  1. David says:

    Some DNC folks are great and are a great reflection of the park. Unfortunately they have let a few bad ones squeak through the cracks. Time to shake up the ranks! (or at least get rid of the worst bus driver in history and the most brain dead shower attendant possible).

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