Deer Mice at Curry Village – 1st Person Encounter

On August 21-23 of this year I spent my nights in the Curry Village Tent cabins. All the hantavirus activity made me pretty alert to the mice. I noticed the door threshold was canted with a 3/4 inch opening. Hmmm big enough for a rodent to slip through.

All the food went into the bear proof vault.

The containers were placed in front of each tent cabin 3 years ago. Prior to that you had to scurry to find one and perhaps have to share it with others. The bear incident count has really plummeted as bears are being denied the easy food. I tell people that they probably will not see bears on the Half Dome hike. Get up and walk to the community toilet at 3 am and you might see one roaming through the village. But, apparently the vaults are not mouse proof.

On our second day I opened the vault and was amazed to see little holes in many of my food bags.

How did that happen? Was the mouse inside the vault? To test this, I put 2 raw peanuts inside the vault and closed it up. When I returned later in the day, the nuts were gone and other wrappings were gnarled into. I lost my Cheetos, pistachio nuts, Clif Bars and saw a lot of poo in the bottom of the bag. Dang. I tossed most of it.

Beer proof vault? Maybe but they are not mouse proof.  So here is my new solution for your review. I looped my pack over a rafter – safe from the little guys.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Hunger makes a thief of any man.” (or mouse) – Pearl Buck 

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5 Responses to Deer Mice at Curry Village – 1st Person Encounter

  1. Norbert says:

    I only use a full bear canister for all food now. Keeps out the bears, keeps out all rodents. All food is always stored in the canister. No exceptions.

  2. Lisa says:

    I have had experience with mice eating stuff in my bear box as well. If you look at the back, many of the boxes have two holes where large bolts should be. To prevent mice getting in through the holes, I’ve shoved large sticks through the holes and wedged them tight enough that there is no room for a mouse to get in, and the mice cannot push them out. Longer, thicker sticks work best.

    Of course, this does nothing for the virus issue. I have personally experienced mice running around inside a tent cabin (not a signature tent) at night and leaving droppings on everything.

  3. EB says:

    I agree with Maureen. I put everything that is food or scented in the bear box inside either the cooler or in a snap top plastic storage box. I like the size above a shoe box made from clear plastic. It makes it easy to pack and unpack too.
    Don’t count on your hanging pack being mouse proof. They can come across the rafter and climb onto your bag using the straps if there is anything yummy in there.

  4. Maureen L says:

    I suggest glass or more sturdy plastic for food in bear box that’s not in a cooler.

    And the pain of bringing a pack into the tent is that you have to be sure to take every darn thing with any scent out of it — wet ones, sunscreen, lip balm, first aid kit, water bottles that have had electrolyte tablets, etc.

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