DC Politics affecting Yosemite and all of the National Park Service

Curry Village Tent Cabins

The Associated Press just broke a story about the impact of the fiscal problems in DC. I blogged about this very thing a couple days ago. The AP had a lot more detail on just what could be cut. They “acquired” an NPS memo that directed all units to plan to trim 5% off their planned outlay. Back in January, NPS Director John Jarvis directed park superintendents to show how they will absorb the funding cuts.

Impacts at Yosemite could range from furloughs for staff, some services halted, some areas put off-limits due to lack of staff to monitor them, less frequent trash pickup, leading to an increased activity in campgrounds and parking lots by bears. Ranger led tours around the valley and down at Wawona could be curtailed.

Staff managing the critical Merced River Plan and Tuolumne River Plan could be impacted. There is a court order that mandates the MRP be signed off by July.

Also Hwy 120 – Tioga Road may not get plowed as early as in the past and vehicle usage might be cut back due to reductions in fuel purchases. The lodging at the park is run by Delaware North Company, so there should be no impact for rooms, unless park resources are needed.  So how long will these mandatory cuts go on? They could be phased in over seven months. Only six days to go. Kudos to AP writer Tracie Cones of Fresno for digging out the facts.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Take your age. Subtract 7. Then add 7. That is your age.”A wise old man.

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