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Cloud’s Rest is that peak that you see to the due east from the top of Half Dome; maybe 3 miles away. It’s a tad under 10,000 feet and provides a superb view of Half  Dome and the cables.


The usual hike is from Tenaya Lake – only a 7-hour round trip. Many Half Dome vets also do this big hike. There is plenty of water on the trail. The last 30  mins is a bit harrowing as the spine of the mountain is very narrow – maybe 12 feet max.


Then you get to the tip. On Friday Iwas at the park and saw the Helicopter returnto the Ahwahnee Meadow with an ambulance standing by.

chopper ahwahnee 1

I’m sadden to report that Katherine Brizzard of North Hollywood, California fell  from the summit and ended up on a ledge about 80-feet below. Other hikers got to her and she was breathing but suffering from a severe head injury and was unresponsive. The 911 call brought Clifford Ashley, a wilderness patrol ranger, who was in the area. He reported that she was near shock and extremely unstable. Ranger/medics Jeff Webb and Matt Stark heli-rappeled to the ledge. The 53-year old hiker was packaged and short-hauled down. She was then taken to the Yosemite Medical Clinic to be stabilized before transport to a hospital. However, Ms. Brizzard died of her injuries while at the clinic. R.I.P.

*Note: the park service reported her name as “Marie”.  A friend has told me it was Katherine. I have made the change above.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir
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