Cirque du Yosemite

Dean Potter on video this time. Click <Here>. A few weeks ago, I posted a still of him tight-roping across Taft Point in Yosemite. OK, nice high wire act. I pride myself with living on the edge of my envelope … I think Dean is outside where the stamp goes. Sheeesh.

By the way, the Taft Point hike is a nice easy one for most folks. Park on Glacier Point Road and head towards the edge. For a full day, go along to Dewey and Stanford Points and head west. Lots of neat crags to gawk down.

It took us 7 hours to get to Old Inspiration Point and back to the road. Supposedly where the Mariposa Battalion first saw the valley. They called it Mt. Beatitude. Then they made their way roughly to today’s “Inspiration Point” and down to the Tunnel View area – then over to Bridalveil Fall where they camped. One day I’d like to try to go down Pohono Creek and to the top of Bridalveil Fall.

Gee, just a couple more days to the solstice and the days will begin to get longer!!  Yea!!  Half Dome here we come!

Medical Minute: I’ve been doing rehab for 2 weeks now. Orthopedic Dr said to stick to isometrics until now. So yesterday I did some resistance. Basic light dumbbells for triceps and curls. Holy cow. I am sore today, I guess 8 weeks of doing nothing takes its toll.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “They tell us that we lost our tails. Evolving up from little snails. I say it’s all just wind in sails. Are we not men? We are Devo! Are we not men?  D-E-V-O.” – DEVO

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  1. Maureen L says:

    thanks for the photo of one of the fissures on the way to Taft Point!

    another great, short hike from the same parking lot as Taft Point is to thetop of Sentinel Dome, in the other direction from Taft Point. the views are fantastic, and if you’ve never walked up granite slope before, a preview of the joys of Half Dome.

    there’s no view at Old Inspiration Point, as the trees have grown up.

    it’s fun to hike the south rim of the Valley, and you won’t meet many folks. hardly any at all on late spring and summer weekdays, in my experience.

    here are two more partial day hikes:

    1. park at the trail head for McGurk Meadow on the Glacier Point Road. There’s a little pullout space, with bear boxes, on the left-hand side of the road just past the sign if you’re heading up.

    enjoy McGurk Meadow wildflowers (there were still a lot in August the last two years) and keep going past the Pohono Trail junction, headed straight ahead for Dewey Point, then head west for Crocker and Stanford Points. (near Dewey Point, don’t pay attention to yellow triangles on the trees; they are for cross-country ski/snowshoe winter trails.)

    I do this as a round trip from the road to Dewey, Crocker, and Stanford and then back. you have to go off trail a bit to enjoy the points.

    another fun way to go, heading east: park at Tunnel View, find the trailhead in the lot across the road from main viewpoint, and head up to Inspiration Point and then Stanford Point. on this round trip, if you’re coming back late in the afternoon, there are fantastic views and photo ops of El Capitan with the sun in the west.

    this hike is a great workout and great solitude!

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