Chevrolet and Half Dome

Here is the photo that in yesterday’s discussion. We’ve had a few theories as to where this shot was taken. To me it seems like a Sentinel Dome perspective. I think that Washburn Pt would make the face disappear.  What think ye?  Also, did GM fake the pix for the ads? The photos they held up do NOT look like 80 year old gems from granny’s scrapbook. Olde tyme photos have jagged edges along the borders. Click <HERE> for the complete commercial.

If you plan to attend the SF MRP Workshop on Nov 9, let us know how it goes. It’s at the Palm Room, San Francisco Film Centre. Go here for directions. it looks like it is a real working session. The workbook they created had to cost a bundle. The on-line version is huge and I need to scroll back and forth to read it.  First class and ready for the White House. They will expect you to fill in words with your position on a few topics. Then they will capture them all and collect for analysis. Wonder if the analysis is similar to a shredder or if a human will actually read and act on them. Let us know if youattend theSF section. My nurse will not let me out of the house. I’ll be on line for the Nov 14 webinar.

As a last resort, fill in the worksheet and email your comments to the park. Remember, if you don’t participate you won’t have a license to complain when the concrete is poured in June 2013.

Hey, hey, hey – FREE park admission Fri-Sun thanks to Veterans Day. Bring your

**Notice – I am going back for more surgery (removing material between lung and chest wall) from Thursday through Sunday. So probably no blog then. Sorry. 


Unrelated thought worth quoting:On the first of April, 1868, I set out afoot for Yosemite. It was the bloom-time of the year over the lowlands and coast ranges the landscapes of the Santa Clara Valley were fairly drenched with sunshine, all the air was quivering with the songs of the meadow-larks, and the hills were so covered with flowers that they seemed to be painted.” – John Muir


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3 Responses to Chevrolet and Half Dome

  1. Sönke says:

    I still think it’s taken at the 180 degree corner between Glacier Point and Washburn Point.

  2. Maureen L says:

    I agree; it’s not Washburn Point, as you can’t see Tenaya Canyon from there.

    It’s not Tunnel View; from Tunnel View, Bridal Veil Falls is on the right, with Leaning Tower and Cathedral Rocks, El Cap is on the left, and Half Dome is way back there. You can’t see Tenaya Canyon from Tunnel View.

    Setting aside the question of how it got there, what makes you think it’s not Glacier Point?

    I think there was some kind of road up to Glacier Point in 1931, as the following historical snippet implies.

    The Wawona Road and the Tunnel opened in 1933, and an improved road towards Glacier Point opened in 1935, according to the wikipedia article on Badger Pass. If Badger Pass was able to open in 1933, I bet there was a road to Glacier Point in 1931.

    • Mr Half Dome - Rick Deutsch says:

      It seems to me that the apparent image of Half Dome would be much larger from Glacier Point. That you;d need to be back to have it the same size as in the photo. Plus the way they do the commercials, they first show a TODAY photo then a hand brings the olde tyme picture into alignment. I don’t ;think that Glacier TODAY would look as this shot does. Seems Sentinel slope MIGHT line up with the correct proportions and fit.

      Anyone got contacts at GM??

      Interesting links – thanks

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