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Wolverines as search and rescue “dogs”: good idea for YOSAR?

large wolvering

The wolverine is an aggressive hunter

Here’s a story that is very different.  How about training wolverines to perform search and rescue?

Wolverines?   What are they? Wikipedia sez:

It is a stocky and muscular carnivore, more closely resembling a small bear than other mustelids. The wolverine, a solitary animal, has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with the documented ability to kill prey many times larger than itself.

Mustelids??   Whatever.  So are we are going to trust them to help people in distress? Read on.

I saw this article in Outside magazine. Oh, I get it free by trading in American Airlines miles for magazines. I only had 8,000 miles – so I’d never get a free trip and before they expired. AA is clearing their books. I guess. Why not just let them expire?

Anyway, there is a man in Anchorage who takes captive-raised wolverines and trains them. They can smell things (like dinner 20 feet below the snow).Why not sniff out people? From birth they are subjected to “operant conditioning“…do and get a reward. Just like our Yorkie!

A downside: when they mark their territory, they let out a pungent …

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Mountain Biker killed by Grizzly Bear near Glacier National Park in Montana

In California, the last grizzly was killed in the early 1920’s. A century later, we still have one on our state flag! The first whites into Yosemite believed that the Indians who inhabited the Yosemite Valley were called Yo-hemite. Loosely this was thought to mean “they are killers”….. of grizzlies.

Nowadays, you have to visit a zoo or head north to Montana, Wyoming or Alaska to see one. Yes, they are huge and aggressive. Brad Treat found out the hard way and is no longer around to tell about it.

Over a week ago, he was riding his mountain bike with a buddy in an area just south of Glacier National Park in Montana. They were off-road in”bear country,” when he was knocked off his bike by a large bear. His friend went for help, to no avail.

Glacier is home to many bears and attacks are not that rare. Over a decade ago, I did a bike tour through the park. We peddled the Road to the Sun – a 30-mile uphill grind that blew out one of my knees.

We saw plenty of bear warning signs. Stay on the main paved roads and you are safe. Treat, 38, …

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Before, she weighed 400 lbs; Half Dome hike whittled that down. Obese no more

In follow-up to my blog about Americans blimping up where men are now at 35% of the men are obese. Worse is that 45% of women are obese.   Wow.   I’m not here to rag on fat people – just to try a wakeup call. Being “pleasingly plump” is not good for you’re your heart. Your body was designed as a system – with all components having a job to do based on the architectural drawing.  Lungs, pancreas, kidneys, etc were installed to work when your body at its “set weight.”  That’s the weight that your body feels comfortable at

READ MORE ->  Obesity

If you diet, in time, you will come back down to the set weight. Keep the output greater than the input and you will lose weights.  Diets are fads. Good nutrition is timeless. A way of life – not a diet.

Here’s a real success story.  Meet Fresno’s Caitlin Lokey. At age 25, she weighed almost 400 pounds. No typo here: Four hundred pounds.

“I’d get out of bed and I’d almost fall over,” she said. “And I was like something needs to change.” She got hit with Type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high …

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