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2017 Half Dome season | Cables at Yosemite up in May

The Half Dome Cables will be up from Friday May 26, 2017 through Tuesday October 10. 300 hikers are allowed.

225 “day hiker” permits per day are sold for $8.00 via a lottery in March. Notification is in Mid-April. 75 backpackers each day may apply to ascend the cables when they apply for their wilderness permits. Finally, about 50 permits are distributed via lottery EACH DAY during the summer – good 2 days later.


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Half Dome permits awarded. 225 per day for all summer

The winners of the 2016 permits to hike Yosemite’s Half Dome were announced today. Emails from recreation .gov were sent to all applicants with instructions to check their account.

With literally thousands applying for a single day – the odds were pretty low. The worst was on a weekend in June. Weekdays were not much better.

June is my favorite month to hike Half Dome. In fact, June 21 is the longest day. Plenty of daylight, the waterfalls are jamming and less chance of lightning. AND  there are less people in the park than the rest of the summer months. OK, it’s still crowded. :>(

If you didn’t get a permit – don’t quit and stomp your feet. You can still get one via the 2-day mini lottery. They will give out a minimum of 50 per day – yes, via lottery. But they also add cancelled permits and often toss in some more, based on the no-show rate.

tall mountain

Awiyah Point hugs the Half Dome North – East edge.

Are there tricks to getting a permit? Well, you can’t buy or sell them. Too many scalpers killed that.  I’ve done the hike 41 times. I snagged mine for this …

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Door closing for getting Half Dome permits – hurry.

The annual ritual of applying for a permit to hike Yosemite’s Half Dome is drawing to a close. Permits may be accepted until 9 pm Pacific time … that’s this Thursday at 9 pm.

Door closing

Almost last chance to get Half Dome permit for 2016

There was no rush to apply.  Once the door closes, the selection process will take about 2 weeks and the winners will be notified. At that time, the winners can decide if they really, really want the permits. If not, you won’t be charged the $8 person.

They are only good for the date chosen.  Rain or shine. No swapping either. Since the leader has to be on the hike (or the alternate), you are committed or stay home. Cancel so others can go via the 2-day mini-lottery. Those are added to the 50 per day lottery. Yo will NOT get your $4.50 entry fee back.

More to learn: No permit? – Think of a guided hike

If you do accept the permits they can still be cancelled 2 days before your date. But WARNING do not print your permits until a couple days before. If you do, you cannot cancel them.

Big brother knows if …

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