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Don’t print out your permit to Half Dome ….yet.

Got your permit and are letting it cure before you get serious about going? Good.  Let it stay until you are really really sure you are going. You can cancel up to 2-days in advance. Since only the leader and alternate have to be named, you can substitute the others as the summer wears on.

If you login to and print your permit you will be unable to cancel it, make any changes, or receive a refund.

Things happen. If some in your party bails out, you can get their $8 back…but only if you have not printed the permit out.  I can understand why.  If a “bad person” prints it out, they could give copies to others.  The odds of both getting by the ranger are low, but if the ranger is not there and he/she later meets you on the trail and asks for your permit…..he/she is not going to crank up the iPad to confirm…..they will ask to see your permit.  If two parties have the same number – wham.  Up to $5,000 fine.

May is here…time to begin your training. Hills. Hills. Then do them again.

Carpe Diem!
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Half Dome Permit Process – How to improve your odds.

March is THE month to apply for permits for ALL 2017 for the honored right to ascent the famous cables at Half Dome. They have been up since 1919 and are beckoning.

Here’s the way it works. Anytime during March, you apply with up to 7 prioritized dates…you can ask for up to 6 permits. manages it – not Yosemite.

Men on mountail

Only one way to get up – with a permit

The leader HAS to be on the hike. This prevents scalping. You cannot sell or buy permits. They will tell you in April if you won. Weekdays in June are the highest demand. In fact, over 5,000 people ask for permits then.  So be flexible and go later in the summer.

There is NO advantage to applying early in March – 2 chimpanzees draw the winner from all who  submitted an entry. It’s $4.50 to apply.

The odds are very low of getting a permit. About 40,000 a year go up…..remember 4 million visit Yosemite! 350 are allowed up each day. WAY better than in 2009 when over 1,000 hit the cables on weekends. (Permits began in 2010).

Learn more about it. See our PERMITS tab.

Is there a …

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Half Dome permits – How to Improve your odds.

Cables at half dome, yosemite

Make 2017 the year you get to the top of Half Dome

The Half Dome Cables will be up from Friday May 26, 2017 through Tuesday October 10.

225 “day hiker” permits per day are sold for $8.00 via a lottery you apply for in March. Notification is in Mid-April.

Again this year, I will be offering my video seminar: “How to Improve your chances of getting a Half Dome permit.” It’s 35 minutes and dozens watched it last year. No guarantees, but MANY succeeded.

Enter a comment with your interest and I’ll reply with the process.

I will get your email address off the WordPress notification – it will not be seen by anyone else.

The fee is $5.00. No bitcoins.

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