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Changes coming to Yosemite; how does a Starbucks hit you?

Yes, I said Starbucks.  As in the international coffee vendor.   I don’t drink the stuff so I really don’t care. But many do. They love the idea. A $$ cup of Java for breakfast. Real nutrition there.  A hit of caffeine before your hike up the Four-mile trail. Folks will love it.   But I don’t get it.

On the other hand, many see corporate America creeping into the National Park system. Aramark is the new concessionaire – now entering their second year managing the park.

Money talks – nobody walks.

Pizza Alternative to Yosemite’s Food Offerings

Park management has to approve moves like this. Why not? They get a cut of revenue.   Aramark has a renovation going on at the Main Village food court.  OK, I don’t think it needed it.  I like going there after a hike. Decent food at pretty good prices.

The issue is: will giant companies now be allowed to penetrate the sacred ground of our parks? Maybe to make things convenient for hikers, they should bring in REI. Or maybe people can get last minute goodies at a new Safeway in Curry Village. Or maybe Hilton can hang their logo on the Ahwahnee

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If it’s not beneath your child’s dignity….How about a summer job at Yosemite?

I’m cynical because as I travel the country, I see many foreigner kids working at our parks. Many stutter thru English. In fact, support companies (restaurants, gift shops, motels) need to hire Eastern Euros to do the work..because USA millennials won’t. The entitlement bug has been them good.

There are firms with contracts to recruit Romanians, Croatians and Ukranians to come over en mass for these jobs – they love the work and will do it.  I commend them and tell them so.

Ditto Yosemite. And I am told that our youth will not clean rooms, slop floors, clean sheets. Limp. Yet they wait texting  hoping IBM will call. This pisses me off. AARRGGHH

READ:  Here’s a Yosemite job for your kid.

Men on mountail

Work at Yosemite – hike on your off days

These Government jobs are paying WAY above minimum wage. Expect $16-$22/hr depending on position. 300 spots are being filled for the summer of 2018.

Ask John or Jane if they want to do this. Backcountry rangers, entrance station rangers, custodial services, forestry technicians, utility systems operators, administrative assistants, traffic control rangers, etc.

See through the end of January. Do it now….some have application limits.

Carpe Diem!…

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NPS considers entry fee hike to pay maintenance

NPS considers entry fee hike to pay maintenance
The Department of the Interior, through the National Park Service, is proposing that admission prices be raised to $70.00 per car.  Motorcycles would go up to $50.
OK – here’s my Op-Ed take on this.
The National Parks are a resource for ALL citizens (and foreigners) to enjoy adventure, solitude and to enjoy nature away from the buzz of urban sprawl. I began my love of Yosemite in 1990, when I first hiked to the top of Half Dome. 41 more times and I am hooked.  But I’ve also added the other classic trails: Clouds Rest, Yosemite Falls, Four Mile, the original Big Oak Flat Road, etc.  The place is stellar.
About 3 years ago, the admission was jacked to $30 and camping got bumped up also. I can afford it, but I don’t go in every day.  Some do. But I must admit, my Half Dome hikes are getting darn expensive.  I stay at the Curry (er, Half Dome) Village tent cabins, since I want to get a good night’s sleep before this  massive hike (you will agree if you’ve ever done it.)  The rates for a 4-man
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