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B U L L E T I N Big Oak Flat Road to open – repairs still going on

Yosemite  is opening Big Oak Flat Road at 5:00 am Monday, May 1. Still work to do, and 1-lane traffic for a while. But go and see the waterfalls.…

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Meet the new Secretary of the Interior: Ryan Zinke

Effective with the new Trump Administration, SAlay Jewell was replaced by Ryan Zinke as Secretary of the Interior.  Jewell served  under President Obama.  One major accomplishment was the renaming of Mt McKinley in Alaska to Denali.  That is the classic native American name for the largest US peak.

Of note – she was previously the CEO of REI. No word on what she’ll be doing now.

Ryan Zinke

Ryan Zinke, new Head of Dept of Interior

Mr Zinke is a gun advocate, as you can see form the photo. He  played football at U of Oregon and was a Navy Seal for over 20 years, reaching the rank of Commander. Recently he was a US Representative from Montana.

He’s publicly said said that humans “influence” climate change, but did not acknowledge that human activity is the dominant cause of climate change.

In his first week of work, he’s removed regulations that had barred the use of lead bullets and lead fishing tackle on national wildlife refuges. Hmmm Lead is very bad for birds who injest it while eating prey.

Did you know that we are now up to 417 national parks?  Well NPS week is coming up, so you can hug a …

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Name change battle at Yosemite continues; no resolution in sight.

 Delaware North Company’s move to take the iconic names used at Yosemite for over a century is coming upon the one-year anniversary. The park had to stop using the names on March 16, 2016. This is when the DNC concessionaire contract ended and Aramark took over.

judge cartoon

Judge gives positive ruling to DNC on trademark case.

The names in dispute are: Curry Village, Ahwahnee, Yosemite Lodge at the Falls and Badger Pass Ski Resort. Additionally, DNC trademarked any retail item that says “Yosemite National Park.” Really.  TShirts etc. might now say “Yosemite – California” or “Yosemite – home of big trees.” Sheesh.

READ the background to this story.

Both sides sued each other. Now the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in DC is involved. DNC tossed a legal maneuver onto the floor. They are saying that the way they came up with the $51M  valuation of the trademarks is their  intellectual property. The park is offering $3M.  Did you know it only costs $300.00 to file for a trademark?

They said if their methodology were made public, then they would suffer in future bids to manage other parks. A trade secret.

Bad news …. the judge, Patricia Campbell-Smith, agreed. She …

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