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Bison active at Yellowstone | Tourist gets flipped

The “other Y Park” – Yellowstone National Park is populated by a large herd of American Bison. They are a big attraction along with the chance to see a Grizzly Bear or an Elk.

Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the wildlife, but are told repeatedly not to engage the animals. Stay in your car. This is more than just parental advice. These animals are indeed, as their name connotes – WILD.

American Bison

Bison are not pets!

For the second time this summer, a park visitor got a bit too close to a bison. The beast was agitated and showed it. The huge animal bumped the man in an … well, let’s say, aggressive way.

Already this young summer, another visitor enjoyed the same reception from a bison who really didn’t want its photo taken. A selfie? I don’t think so.

The Bison (mistakenly called “Buffalo”) are the biggest mammals in North America. Mails can stand up to 7-feet at the shoulders. That’s even bigger than a Polar Bear. Their gangly, skinny legs hold up a virtual SUV in weight. They kinda remind me of Africa’s Wildebeast. The head looks way out of proportion and hangs down too low. They grunt and …

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My comments on the passing of Dean Potter – just my humble opinion

Big wall climbing

Dean Potter – a view we won’t see anymore.

Dean Potter was a superb big wall climber. Not only was he a fixture at Yosemite, but he went up many many of the hardest climbs.  While he did them the normal way, he also morphed into a higher adrenalin regime – FREE solo climbing. No ropes – just a bag  of chalk.

He died Saturday. A big loss to the community. R.I.P.

I recently blogged about his record run up Half Dome. He didn’t go the whole way up the normal trail. He climbed up Snake Dike…a dike on the western side of the rock. Wow. And he still set a record of 2 hrs 17 min.. Kyle Williams held the record at 2 hrs 23 min.  Watch Kyle’s description in this video.

I am not a climber…not that I’m afraid of falling…no, it’s that if you do fall, the sudden stop concerns me.  You are being pulled to the center of the earth at 32 feet per second – PER SECOND. You are accelerating as fast as a rock thrown off the Tower of Pisa. Ask Galileo.

Potter later got into the QUOTE Sport UNQUOTE of wing suit

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Are you ready for your post-Yosemite excursion . . . Zion

If you need a change of scenery from Yosemite, can I suggest the Utah parks. Zion is my favorite. Angels’s Landing is a trek kinda similar – but shorter – than Half Dome. Maybe 5 hours RT. It’s pretty scary trundling your way to the top.

Another fun day at Zion is hiking down to the slot canyons. There are dozens to try. But be careful. You need to don a wetsuit to walk down the river with water waist high on short folks.  Flash floods are a major concern.

Rapelling down a slot canyon

Canyoneeering at Zion

You can get in some big trouble if you decide to extend yourself and go Canyoneering. But “stuff” happens.

Back in early April, the park had to rescue a man who got in big trouble. It took 5 hours to save his bacon. Seems a guy broke his ankle in Pine Creek Canyon. Pine Creek is Zion’s most popular technical canyon for visitors.

His group had tried to rappel up a slot but was unable to get out.  The rescue team of 15 SAR personnel used a high line with a system called a “reeve.”  This is a rope that is strung across the canyon.  Then another …

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