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As you may have noticed, I do not bombard you with ads and commercials pasted all over the website and blog. I feel you want to come here for information, not a shopping list. The way Google ads work is that when people click on one of the ads, the host of the site get a few pennies – or fractions of pennies. If you have a massive site with thousands of daily readers, you might make some real money. But most small time wanna-be’s like me might only make $8.00 a month. Not worth the “in your face” commercialism. Maybe I should create a “donations” button to help defray expenses. I say all this because you might have noticed on my website a link to Carpe Diem Wine.

Curl up with a good book and a nice wine.

Curl up with a good book and a nice wine.

My small business is called “Carpe Diem Experience.” Frankly the “dba” (doing business as” is a play on “Seize the Day” and my favorite group, the Jimi Hendrix Experience.  So we have a mutual connection. Carpe Diem is a fine wine with grapes from both Napa and the Edna Valley. They offer Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Maisons Marques & Domaines of Oakland has provided me with some bottles that I offer at drawings at many of my talks. You can find Carpe Diem at BevMo and other wine resellers. What a great way to celebrate your hike up Half Dome! Carpe Diem! Cheers! 

The Half Dome overlook is now open and ready to great you. This turnoff is the first view of the valley that you see as you come in via Hwy 120. It has been reconfigured from a dusty pull-off into a nice place to stop and get great shots of Half Dome in the distance. Thanks to the Yosemite Fund for the facelift.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine, when you gonna let me get sober. Let me alone. Let me go home. Let me go back and start over.” – The Kingston Trio 

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Mr Half Dome. Has written the only half dome hiking guide, One Best Hike: Yosemite's Half Dome. Has hiked it 31 times to day. Lives in San Jose, CA Available for presentations. Carpe Diem Experience, LLC
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