Canadians train for Half Dome

Today we share a story from Chris and Kristin I. from Winnepeg as in Canada. They are Half Dome lovers from the great north.

I blogged about them a while back.  See 25 April Their challenge is how to train in the flatlands in their world. The best I could suggest was going and up and down and up and down the fire escape of a local high rise a ton of times. They report that they are doing some training at the top of Copernicus Hill in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park of Manitoba.  Elevation 777 meters. So that’s a whopping 2,000 feet. That will do it if tghey do it a lot. The Half Dome elevation is 4737 feet up from the Valley floor. This sounds a lot like my training at Fremont’s Mission Peak.

They are not heading to the Golden State until later this summer, so up and down it is. I am going to try for a 2-day permit in mid-June. Attempting a weekday to improve odds. Hey, if we don’t get permits, it’ll be Yosemite Falls or maybe the “new” HD – Clouds Rest. My friends at the Guide service, made up T-Shirts touting: “I Survived the Spine.” That’s a reference to the narrow spine at the top of Clouds Rest – maybe 6 feet of trail to get you to the point where you can look down at the Cables. Scary – so use hiking poles.

 Good luck to Chris and Kristen – your training WILL pay off.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Dedicated urbanites “know” beyond shadow of doubt – because doubt never raises its disturbing head – that civilization is the real world: you only “escape” to wilderness. When you’re out and away and immmersed, you “know” the obverse: the wilderness world is real, the human world a superimposed facade… The controversy is, of course, spurious. Neither view can stand alone. Both worlds are real. But the wilderness world is certainly older and will almost certainly last longer. Besides, the second view seems far healthier for a human to embrace.” – Colin Fletcher

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