Camping on Half Dome

Couple waiting for sunrise

Camping on the top of Half Dome ended in 1992. I never did it. Can you imagine a field to tents up there?  So why did it end? Well, not only did you have to lug about 30 pounds of gear up, there are no toilets there. So you can imagine the odiferous molecules that wafted on Tissiak. Human impact beyond do-do was the normal litter we tend to see. I took the above photo about 5:30 am in July. this couple were huddled in sleeping bags awaiting the rays of the sun.  Is this camping?  I say no. Camping implies you intend to erect a tent, have cooking gear and all the other stuff we use. although no ranger is going to go up at 3 am to check, if they see you coming down with gear, you will get nailed – and fined.

The overarching reason, however, was that the habitat of the Mt Lyell salamander was impacted. In the early ’90’s there was a surge of Greenpeace type environmentalists who were alerting the nation to the ills we were causing to other inhabitants of the 3rd stone from the sun.  Seems when campers built windbreaks by stacking up the small slabs of stone into walls 3 feet high, the poor salamanders were rustled from their homes. They burry down into the rocks and rarely come up.  So no more.

File photo of Mt Lyell Salamander

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