Bungee jump off Yosemite’s Half Dome | Is it legal? BASE jumping is not.


Bungee Jump off Half Dome

Bungee Jump off Half Dome

This YouTube video of the Fettka brothers bungee jumping from the Visor at Half Dome is dated December 23, 2013. I don’t know when the actual jump was made. With the very warm and dry weather that Yosemite is experiencing, it’s plausible that they actually did this jump last month. But they’d have to have a lot of friends to carry all their gear – and up the backside with just the 2 cables laying on  the rock. Yeow!  The support poles and boards have been down since October.

BASE jumping has not returned since the tragic jump off El Cap in the ‘90’s. The brothers say bungee jumping is legal. Hmmm,  I doubt it. Could be the National Park Service never got around to focusing on bungees.  It IS legal to hang glide with a permit (it’s got to be done very early in the morning.)


So, are we going to see folks hauling 50 pounds of rope and gear up the cables and set-up for jumps? You can’t solicit in a park, but you can give jumps for free. Perhaps to stir up business off-site. Or just as a way for others to experience the thrill. I’d never do it. I worry about what my spine is going through. This can be VERY dangerous. The ground is pretty close to the edge of the visor (180 feet down or so), the visor only sticks out about 80 feet from the wall and the rebound could take your head off.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The fear of death is the most unjustified of all fears, for there’s no risk of accident for someone who’s dead.” – Albert Einstein

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