Bison active at Yellowstone | Tourist gets flipped

The “other Y Park” – Yellowstone National Park is populated by a large herd of American Bison. They are a big attraction along with the chance to see a Grizzly Bear or an Elk.

Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the wildlife, but are told repeatedly not to engage the animals. Stay in your car. This is more than just parental advice. These animals are indeed, as their name connotes – WILD.

American Bison

Bison are not pets!

For the second time this summer, a park visitor got a bit too close to a bison. The beast was agitated and showed it. The huge animal bumped the man in an … well, let’s say, aggressive way.

Already this young summer, another visitor enjoyed the same reception from a bison who really didn’t want its photo taken. A selfie? I don’t think so.

The Bison (mistakenly called “Buffalo”) are the biggest mammals in North America. Mails can stand up to 7-feet at the shoulders. That’s even bigger than a Polar Bear. Their gangly, skinny legs hold up a virtual SUV in weight. They kinda remind me of Africa’s Wildebeast. The head looks way out of proportion and hangs down too low. They grunt and strut.

Bison used to roam the plains in the millions. While the native Americans only killed what they needed for food and clothing, men like “Buffalo Bill” Cody slaughtered them almost to extinction. They were shot for sport – even from windows of passing trains. Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and Custer State Park in South Dakota hold large herds. Many celebrities also protect them on their 1,000 acre lands.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” — John Muir

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