The bears at Yosemite: A rough year.

As the season winds down, Ursa will be hibernating soon. (Ursa is bear in Latin – 1 year of HS class.)

But they have had a real active year.  In 2014, SO FAR, here are the bear stats. There were a total of 154 incidents. This resulted in $7,113 in “lost human money.”

Yosemite Black Bear

Yosemite Black Bear

 Here’s where all this happened:

Place  / #   /   Value

Parking Lots 3 $1,455

Campgrounds 81 $1,936

Other Areas 26 $543

Residential 11 $913

Wilderness 33 $2,266

**** 25 Bears were hit by cars. S L O W down.****


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “As we live a life of ease, everyone of us has all we need. Sky of blue and sea of green, in our yellow submarine.” – the Beatles

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2 Responses to The bears at Yosemite: A rough year.

  1. Maureen L says:

    with grins, that’s Ursus for the genus, and I don’t think there is gender equity in species names. ours are Ursus americanus, so females don’t get to be Ursa.

    grizzlies are now Ursus arctos; horribilis is a subspecies now, and not the second part of the name. they are the Glacier and Yellowstone ones, I think.

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