B U L L E T I N – NPS Director Activates 5% Cuts

B U L L E T I N     B U L L E T I N     B U L L E T I N

NPS to cut 5% from its bones

National Park Service Director, John Jarvis has instructed all units to implement their plans to cut 5% of their spending in reaction to the mandatory cuts as a result of sequestration.  The complete notice to NPS units lists the direction.  Call it the 95% solution. when I worked at Intel Corp last century, when the business hit the tank we had a 90% solution – no layoffs, but we ALL took a 10% pay cut. The 2 years later we had the 120% solution – we all had to work 20% more hours. Sounds familiar.  Vuja De.

This mandate applies to all parks, including Yosemite. Things may change the way we visit the park in 2013.  Yosemite has not yet released the specifics of their reductions. I  have asked. There are several Park long range projectg PLANS under review now – Merced & Tuolumne River Plans among the bigger ones. Comments are flowing in. Will the staff only be able to look at 95%?Among the nationwide NPS cuts:

* 900 permanent positions will not be filled.

* Over 1,000 seasonal employees will not be hired.

* A hiring freeze is in place.

* Travel ban for all but essential travel.

* NPS participation and attendance in conferences are cancelled. 

Despite the current funding of Government operations through March 27, Jarvis told the troops to assume that they will operate for the remainder of the year at the 95 percent spending level envisioned in their sequestration plans.

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Unrelated thought worth quoting: “It is not the creation of wealth that is wrong, but the love of money for its own sake.” – Margaret Thatcher

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One Response to B U L L E T I N – NPS Director Activates 5% Cuts

  1. Andy says:

    I love the ban on “essential” travel. Tell me why a government agency should spend our money on travel that is not essential?

    Is the park Service different than other agency’s? My understanding is the “cuts” are being done to the proposed budget increases for 2013.
    Therefore all current levels and staffing should remain the same or increase. Just not as large as planned.

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