Alex Honnold on CBS Oct 1

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Yosemite Big Wall free climber, Alex Honold, is being featured on the CBS TV show “60 minutes” on Sunday Oct 1 (tonight for most of us). It’s on at 7 pm EDT/PDT.


 The TV teaser is <here>. The British (?) narrator only says, “…as he goes up Sentinel.” But the footage doesn’t not look like Yosemite to me. Sentinel Rock is the 1600 vertical feet mentioned, so it must be there. But check out the footage – the river below does not look like the Merced to me. 

Famous climber Derek Hersey died while attempting to free solo climb Sentinel Rock in 1993. Makes you wonder if CBS was going to film young Alex’s last climb for the sit-at-home ghouls. 

I’m back at the World HQ of Carpe Diem Experience, LLC. Turkey was great – yall gotta put Ephesus on your list. Neat Roman ruins from when they ran the planet. Sleep is all upside down so this epistle goes out at 3 am. I plan to hike Half Dome on Thursday, but I see that rain in moving in. Darn, permit and all. Oh well I’ll head up anyway and maybe do Yosemite Falls if HD is out. I also plan to lobby to make October 12 the official George Anderson Day. That’s when he became the first person to summit HD in 1875. The brass up at zip code 95389 hasn’t to responded to my proposal of a month ago. Sigh.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The mountains are calling and I must go.”  – John Muir (and Rick Deutsch)

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