A bit more on the locks to the Curry showers.

Reference the July 24 post on cypher locks  — The group showers have a lock on the main entry door into the shower complex. In the past anyone could walk in and use them… in fact before the 2008 Curry Rockfall wiped out the huge shower facility west of the amphitheater, you could either show a key or “rent” a towel for $2.00. No more.

The group toilet complexes set in the tent cabin array are still open for all.

Curry Village showers


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3 Responses to A bit more on the locks to the Curry showers.

  1. Jeff says:

    We just spent a week in Curry. We were in the boystown area at the eastern edge of Curry Village. We had two shower buildings within 50′ of each other, one with the keypad locks, one without. The locked bathroom was the newer/nicer of the two, and got a lot less use. Of course, that’s always the one I used.

  2. Maureen L says:

    The sign seems to imply that it’s still possible to purchase a shower at Curry Village pool, but not the shower house to the east of the parking lot.

    When I was there in May, the Curry Shower House didn’t have a combination lock, just the smaller one in the midst of the tent cabins.

    So I suppose anyone could still walk in there.

    Has that changed?

    I miss the Nob Hill Shower House behind the amphitheater. Like most of the cabins fenced off and slated for removal, it wasn’t taken out in the rockfall, just determined to be too close to the cliff base.

    • ML,

      True, if you poke around you can still find showers without cypher locks. And they cannot change the number code since how would the tell each visitor before they actually changed it? If you bring your own towel, you could just wait outside until someone comes out and say, “thanks.”

      I don’t know about the pool – I ever go in there. E-Coli count must skyrocket with all the kids in it!
      Oh, I’m at REI Berkeley July 12 – see you there? Meet up for dinner abuut 5:00.


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