Yosemite Mystery.

 Yosemite Mystery

Today is a game called “What is it?”  First one in with comment with  the correct answer gets a laurel and hearty handshake.    What and Where. Oh, it’s at Yosemite.

In other news, thunderstorms are a high possibility this week at Yosemite this week. I know a few readers that are going. Don’t force it if there is any foul weather when you are there. Mountain storms can pop up quickly. Check the webcams before you go. Here’s a sad story how to ruin your vacation at the Grand Canyon.

Lightning's Power

Lightning’s Power

A lightning strike near Mather Point resulted in several visitors reporting injuries to the Grand Canyon Visitors Center early on the afternoon of July 15th. The visitors were standing near the rim when the lightning strike occurred. Four of them were transported to the South Rim Clinic for evaluation of non-life-threatening injuries.

This incident is a reminder that summer storms in the southwest are often accompanied by dangerous lightning.  Serious injuries and fatalities have occurred at Grand Canyon National Park in the past as a result of lightning strikes. Visitors to the park were reminded that if the sound of thunder follows a lightning flash within 30 seconds or less, they should seek shelter in a building or vehicle or proceed to the nearest bus stop to get on a park shuttle. Park rangers also advised that lightning can strike 10 miles across the canyon.

The same at Yosemite. The valley is only 7 miles, so duck and cover.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Electricity is really just organized lighting” – George Carlin 

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