Yosemite’s Bracebridge

The Half Dome family just returned from Yosemite where we attended the renowned Bracebridge dinner. Travel & Leisure Magazine has named this the BEST Christmas dinner in the country. It ran 4 hours . . . a 7 course meal and a non-stop performance. There were about 150 people eating and about 70 actors! Truly amazing. I got a ton of bonus points from Mrs. Half Dome. No pictures allowed, but I got thee of the pre-activities and one of the stage at the end.

Today I met with the Superintendent, the Public Affairs Officer and the GM of Curry Village. I’ll be sharing info I picked up in forthcoming blogs. One thing is clear – the Half Dome Stewardship Plan Environmental Assessment (alternatives) will not be out until January. When I get the  word – YOU will get word.

There was no snow at the park. Good for me driving – no chains needed, but I did have them in the trunk of the Domobile. But it was very cold. Like 26 degrees after sunset. The lack of snow is financially hurting the park. Turns many cancellations are coming in for accommodations. Several people hoped to spend the holidays at the park skiing at Badger Pass. No way.  It’s bone dry. I went out to Stoneman Meadow to film a short clip for my QR code link. I did about 2 minutes both with a new HD camera (the Kodak Play Touch) then with my older Sony digital tape camcorder. But when I turned the latter on, it was blinking “out of battery.” I think I was able to squeeze out enough juice to record 2 takes.

The great Merced River was a mere rock pile with very little water. All the waterfalls were just memories of past glory. Very few people out and about. We saw the 20 minute movie “The Spirit of Yosemite” at the Visitor Center. I have the DVD and love it. I also bought my usual $50 of stuff at the Yosemite Conservancy bookstore. Remember if you are a member, you get 15% off. I picked up a softback on the life of Galen Clark. My personal Yosemite Library at home is almost as big as the bookstore’s inventory.

For those interested in my cruise ship speaking on line intro, we are targeting Dec 20. Once we finalize things I’ll blog you an invite. I’ve had a lot of interest in just how to snag free trips by speaking on cruise ships.  I am going on a Caribbean cruise in January and will be giving 6 destination talks – that I have not yet written. Yikes.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Old man rhythm is in my shoes. No use sittin’ and singin’ the blues. So be my guest, you got nothin’ to lose, won’t ya let me take you on a sea cruise?” – Frankie Ford

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One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome

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