Drone used to help fight Yosemite Rim fire

A fallout out from the military is being put to good use in the Rim fire. To help assess what the fire is doing in remote areas, a remotely piloted vehicle can see where choppers and other sensors can’t. It’s not said what kind of “drone” is used. There are many commercially available small remote controlled flying devices that could be employed. So don’t expect a Predator.

Rim Fire gains ground at Yosemite.

Rim Fire gains ground at Yosemite.

Rim fire continues to live. Well over 100 buildings burned. Look at this map. Cherry Lake is surrounded, Lake Eleanor pretty much and the southeast side of Hetch Hetchy is touched. But look how “close” the valley is. Yes, a long way….about 10 miles. Fire people are setting controlled burns to steal the fuel before it gets closer. Also, note the path of the fire travelling up the Tuolumne canyon further upstream.

I’m up in Idaho and their big fire is out. Saw a ton of tents at their control center in Ketchum. From the charred hills I saw, it was mostly low brush…not 80 foot high pines.

Yosemite remains open for business. You just cannot use Hwy 120 – Tioga Road either directions. So Mariposa Oakhurst will reap the business.

To take your mind off this bad news….the next SURVIVOR begins Sept 18. 

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Goodness, gracias, Great Balls of Fire” – Jerry Lee Lewis 

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